Fund Your Account

Online and over the counter bills payment

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1. On a desktop and laptop, go to Metrobank Online and log-in using your account details.

2. Click on “Pay Bills” on the Dashboard menu.

3. Provide the required information then click on “Continue” 

* Input the amount * Select “AB Capital Securities, Inc.” from the list of billers. 

* Input the Subscriber/Account Number 

    * (1) ABCSI account code 

    * (2) For initial deposit of NEW CLIENTS, use I99999 

* Choose the Metrobank account to debit. 

* Select “NOW” as the payment type. 

* Click Next

4. Review and confirm the details of your payment.



1. Log-in to your Metrobank Online account via the Metrobank mobile app 

2. Tap the Menu panel on the upper left of the screen 

3. Select MY BILLS 4. Tap PAY under One Time Payment 

5. Search and select “AB Capital Securities, Inc.” 

6. Input your Subscriber Number 

    * (1) ABCSI account code 

    * (2) for initial deposit of NEW CLIENTS, use I99999 and tap NEXT 

7. Select a source account 

8. Tap SUBMIT 

9. Enter or Submit One time Password 


1. Go to any Metrobank Branch 

2. Fill out Payment Slip with the following information: 

    * Mark “Peso Billing” 

    * Company Name – AB Capital Securities, Inc. 

    * Subscriber – [ABCSI account name] 

    * Subscriber No. 

    * (1) ABCSI account code 

    * (2) for initial deposit of NEW CLIENTS, use I99999 

    * Contact Number * Indicate if the mode of payment is CASH, CHECK, or DEBIT ACCOUNT 

    * Input the AMOUNT 

3. Submit the completed Payment Slip to the teller together with your payment

Visit our office or any of our branches to issue a check payable to “AB Capital Securities, Inc.”

Stock Certificate

Call the nos. (632) 8898-7618 or (632) 8898-7520 to inquire about your stock certificate/s and receive specific instructions

Security Trade

Transfer your shares from another broker to AB Capital. Fill up the sample letter below and submit the signed copy

Wire Transfer

Transfer US Dollar to your AB Capital account and we will convert it to Philippine Peso automatically