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AB Capital Securities is one of the oldest stock brokers in the Philippine Stock Exchange. For over 65 years, we have provided institutional and retail clients with sound investment advice, efficient execution and reliable service. In 2001, we introduced online trading and now have over 60,000 clients using our platforms.


Our registered representatives are trained to act in your best interests and ensure your privacy at all times. Your assets are protected by stringent risk management controls and regular audit procedures. We have been accorded the citation for “Full Compliance” by the Capital Market Integrity Commission (CMIC) for 22 years running.


In 2022, AB Capital Securities entered a partnership with GCash to enable their 80 million customers the ability to trade stocks online via their GStocks app, using a platform developed exclusively for AB Capital and the Philippine Stock Exchange. The objective of this three-way partnership is to widen public ownership in listed Philippine companies and promote financial inclusion.

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