Online Margin Facility

The Margin Facility offered by AB Capital allows you to leverage borrowed funds to purchase additional stocks, that may potentially result in higher returns.


   Applicable to all existing clients of AB Capital Securities with Online Trading Account

   Client should be 21 years old and above

   Initial equity requirement of at least Php200,000

   Maximum credit limit is Php1,000,000

   Interest rate is 1.25% per month +12% VAT

Sample Computation

Client borrowed Php50,000 for 10 days to buy Stock ABC

Amount :
Interest Rate (1.25%) :
Divide by 30 days :
+12% VAT :
Interest per Day :
Total Interest (10 days) :

Php 50,000
Php 625
Php 20.83
Php 2.50
Php 23.33
Php 233.33

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